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There are many reasons to trust a professional real estate agent when selling your property!

Most important is that I'm legally certified to act on your behalf. Because I understand the language of real estate, I know which options are available in any given situation.

Also, I can help you save money - call me about my special promotions for new clients!

Selling a Property - What to Expect

1. Meeting You & Visiting the Property

When we meet, I'll explain the process of selling a home, and tell you about the various legal documents that will be required. We'll discuss the options available to you, and we'll complete and sign all of the necessary forms. I'll do an informal inspection of your property in order to assess its condition, and I'll take measurements of the various rooms. Then I'll take a look at your neighborhood to get a feel of the area and to note its proximity to schools, public transportation, highways, parks, etc.

2. Establishing a Sale Price

Establishing the correct sale price can make or break a sale. To help ensure a successful sale, I'll compile a list of similar properties recently sold in your area, along with a summary of the demographics. I'll then establish a range of selling prices, from full market value to slightly below market value, with the estimated days until sold. Also included for each price range are the commission and the corresponding GST/QST tax to be deducted from the sale price, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

3. Advertising and Promoting Your Home - Free!

The marketing of your home includes a variety of activities on my part, all with absolutely no cost to you, including:

Selling a property can entail a variety of activities. Because I'm in the business of real estate, should the need arise, I can recommend trusted contacts such as:

Selling your home is probably the most important financial transaction you'll ever make - leave it to an expert and make sure it's done right!

So, are you ready to sell? Call me now and let's get started!

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